Catch the Bullet
Catch the Bullet

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Starring: Jay Pickett,Peter Facinelli,Tom Skerritt,Mason McNulty,Gattlin Griffith,Cody Jones
Director: Michael Feifer
Genre: Action
Other Genres: Western
Run Time: 89 Minutes
Release Date: 9/10/2021
Synopsis: U.S. marshal Britt MacMasters returns from a mission to find his father wounded and his son kidnapped by the outlaw Jed Blake. Hot on their trail, Britt forms a posse with a gunslinging deputy and a stoic Pawnee tracker. But Jed and Britt tread dangerously close to the Red Desert’s Sioux territory.

Showtimes for Catch the Bullet
Hermiston Cinema
355 West Theatre Lane
Hermiston, OR 97838
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Sun, Sep 19 :  1:30 P 6:30 P
Mon, Sep 20 :  1:30 P 6:30 P
Tue, Sep 21 :  1:30 P 6:30 P
Wed, Sep 22 :  1:30 P 6:30 P

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Catch the Bullet

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